Our Commitment To Providing The Best Quality In Singapore

We serve to enrich the everyday life of Singaporeans by providing a variety of high-quality Japanese lifestyle products.


About Premika

Premika is an exclusive online store that sells high quality Japanese lifestyle products aimed at improving beauty & quality of life. Premika was founded in 2015 by a Japanese entrepreneur who migrated to Singapore and started the business from scratch. At that time, he noticed that many of the products sold in Singapore were cheap, but they were of poor quality. Many products that he bought in Singapore were easily broken & some products contain ingredients that are even harmful to the human body.

Our life is the accumulation of little moments of every day. Wouldn’t you want an "invention" that enhances your quality of life, rather than being controlled by trends and advertisements? Living a fulfilling life is something that everyone deserves to have, yet so many never experience it. It is our mission to enrich the everyday life of Singaporeans by providing high-quality Japanese lifestyle products. 



Why choose us?


Direct link to Japanese Brand Owners

Being directly linked to approximately 80 Japanese brands, Premika has a depth understanding of product details, such as the ingredient lists, product expiration dates, and therefore we guarantee the authenticity of all products sold on Premika. Many of the products sold received positive reviews on Rakuten Japan, Amazon Japan and Monde Collection. In addition, ready-made stocks are made available in Singapore and can be shipped to Singaporean customers immediately within business working days.


Specially Developed For E-commerce

Most of the products sold at Premika are designed for e-commerce sales directly to customers (D2C). Products sold in retail stores are marked up to cover costs such as distribution, store rental, and advertising but the original product cost price is low. The products sold at Premika, on the other hand, are sold directly online and are manufactured at a higher cost. As a result, goods at Premika are characterized by their high quality at a reasonable cost compared to low quality products.


Seamless Shopping Experience

Premika provides peace of mind, happiness, and the ultimate online shopping experience. This ensures that what you're buying from us is of great quality & 100% authentic. Wide range of beauty & home-living ready-made stock items are available for fast delivery at great prices. Premika members are entitled to enjoy special discounts, free samples & exclusive services. Our friendly, local Customer Service team is here to provide quick & comprehensive support via Whatsapp and email. Contact us - we're happy to help.